VoIP Gateway

VoIP Gateway Module is designed to provide "voice over IP" (hereinafter VoIP) functions for the system of voice communications of air traffic controllers, according to ED-136 standard requirements and ED-137A / B EUROCAE.
VoIP Gateway is designed as the base plate with a set of up to 8 interface assembled boards. Interface boards have several variants, depending on the supported interfaces. VoIP module can be installed in the working unit dispatcher and / or radio gateway unit.

voip gateway photo1 voice gateway photo1

There are some cases where businesses are limited by using stationary telephony in the age of digitalization. Of course, it negatively influences the company’s profit, especially if the main way of receiving it is through lots of phone calls and fax transfers. Luckily, there is a VOIP gateway - a life-saving solution that can be thoroughly customized and implemented by Axonim company according to your business model.

What’s The VOIP Gateway?

In fact, as you might have guessed, VOIP is an abbreviation that stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Meanwhile, the gateway means a device that is capable to receive voice data and transmit them. Thus, there appeared a necessity of adding the VOIP gateway device to the whole chain. Besides, you may also find an alternative definition PSTN gateway that is equal to Voice Over IP Gateway.

How The VOIP Gateway Works?

Depending on the technical conditions in the building you are running your business in, or the company requirements, there can be picked one configuration from two available ones.

  • Conversion of telephone call into VOIP or SIP. This solution is the most popular since quite a lot of businesses prefer to stay with stationary telephone lines because of connection quality. Besides, it requires less technical interference that saves the company’s budget and doesn’t impede workflow
  • Connecting the PBX (telephone network) to the Internet. This case is ideal for businesses where the bandwidth for transferring calls is a crucial factor. Besides, using the Internet Protocol reduces the expenses for telephony provider services. Mostly, companies prefer to use an external unit where the IP network is connected through the FXS (Foreign Exchange Subscriber) port. However, these devices can be also substituted by the PCI cards.
  • Conversion of GSM generated traffic into VOIP is also possible to perform through Voice Gateway. However, there are some ready solutions, such as GOIP equipment that leaves the connection quality unchangeable.

Moreover, the VOIP gateway hardware is also subdivided into two types:

  • Analog equipment is capable to connect analog phone lines from 2 to 24 lines simultaneously;
  • Digital equipment is designed for digital traffic. It supports BRI ISDN, PRI/E1, T1 lines, the number of simultaneously connected is unlimited.

What Are The Best VOIP Gateway Manufacturers?

Believe it or not, but there is a lot of fish in the sea. Moreover, the device itself requires proper installation and configuration process that can be performed by a specialist, so usually, companies have to find one additionally. Thus, collaboration with Axonim company will bring you more benefits than just buying a single device. We are competent enough to make it specially for you and implement it into your business with minimal casualties.