Vision Inspection System

Machine vision system is applied for technological processes quality optical control. There is hardware and software parts for a machine vision camera.

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As the main computer for vision inspection system SoC OMAP 3530 is used. As the optical sensor for automated inspection system LUPA-300 with 250Hz frame rate is used.

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Have you ever thought about how any devices are made? In particular, why the manufacturer is sure that particular item is of high quality and it won’t break down immediately after unpacking? The answer is hidden by the machine vision inspection systems. And if you are not familiar with what it is and you want to have it embedded in your business, then this information is for you.

What is the Machine Inspection System?

The machine vision system is an image processing technology that allows tracking the quality of products 24/7 without any human interference. This technology is a combination of special video devices and software that analyzes the product and then sorts, excludes or passes it to the next manufacturing stage. As you might have guessed, such solutions are applied to the medium-size or enterprise-level rather than small companies since it’s not budget-friendly at all.

Besides, machine vision is a discipline that belongs to computer science and its purpose is solving real problems that society always encounters. That is why the computer vision system is embedded not only in the industrial section but military, governmental, educational, etc. However, while the vision inspection system designed for educational purposes doesn’t involve high standards, the military and governmental do. Thus, the machine vision systems manufacturer is thoroughly selected among the huge number of similar suppliers.

What Equipment is Required?

Unlike a human, the vision inspection system works constantly providing multiple-aspect control. And, as it was already mentioned, visual inspection involves not only hardware but the processing applications too. So typically, the automated inspection system comprises a few significant parts: an optical device (that, in turn, consists of lighting, staging, lenses, and camera itself) and, of course, an image processing computer that not only analyzes the image but outputs its decision. Moreover, instead of a camera there can be a vision measuring machine.

The input device or vision system camera is not a regular camera. In fact, there is a special capturing device that translates the visual picture into the electrical signals that can be read by the machine. In order to make an appropriate picture, there should be installed lenses with proper range. In addition, the lighting has to make the item sufficiently pointed-out. The same concerns the staging device that allows an item to be based in the right place. Neglecting all those influencers may cause incorrect processing, so the quality control will cause inaccuracies.

The processing device can actually be a regular computer with special software. The number and types of analyzing stages and tests depend on the desired result. It means that each application is individually made for a particular case. And the output data can be just a decision in the form of a message such as “true/false” or adding a particular robotized action to the item that doesn’t meet the requirements.

Where to Find a Vision Inspection System Manufacturer?

As it was already stated, robot vision systems are widely spread among big companies and governmental or military institutions. Thus, if you are looking for a suitable solution for your business that will work without issues for a long time, then it’s better to deal with trusted companies such as Axonim company. By the way, we are experts in tailoring the automated vision inspection system that is easy to check by visiting the “Works” section on