GSM Gateway

GSM gateway is designed for mobile subscribers switching. The external device communication channels are Internet and GSM. GSM gateway device has distributed architecture. As part of the allocated base module with 32 GSM modems and GSM module connected through the Internet with the 128th SIM-cards.
Implemented and adapted:
  • SIP server for the organization of VoIP telephony, interfacing with external devices such as Soft Switch and organization of incoming calls;
  • Open VPN to establish connection;
  • RTP and SRTP protocols for data exchange;
  • Encoding and decoding of audio streams in the format G.729, G.711, and Opus.

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How can GSM Gateway decrease your business expenses?

Businesses that are built upon numerous calls a month, or where this aspect is tightly related to your income always encounter a problem on how to reduce the expenses spent on cellular operator service. Another challenging thing is how to send an SMS or perform bulk calls? Luckily, the technical progress has brought a perfect solution that can be a life-saver for owners of such businesses - it’s about GSM getaway unit that Axonim can tailor according to your requirements.

What is GSM Gateway?

First of all, let’s figure out what the GSM gateway is. It’s an ability to convert the GSM connection that constantly depends on the cell tower into a phone connection also known as SIP GSM getaway through a special unit. In practice, you need to insert the existing SIM card into a particular device so it can receive, dispatch the outgoing calls or dial the customers simultaneously. Of course, these functions become available for users and you can control all of them once the device with appropriate software is installed. Luckily, the application is compatible with mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS, and desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc).

In fact, the combination of the GSM gateway device and software creates the Public Branch Exchange (PBX) a telephone network that expands the existing functions by switching telephone lines from one to another. In particular, you will have an ability to send SMS through a GSM SMS gateway and call like you usually do with your phone. However, remember that the number of available lines is limited by the number of sim cards that are inserted into a device.

What is VoIP GSM gateway?

GSM Voice Gateway or VoIP GSM Gateway connection is not as complex as the GSM Gateway. In fact, the name VoIP explains everything - Voice over Internet Protocol works like a regular telephone but only through the Internet connection. Thus, it requires only VoIP gateway device such as desktop, laptop or IP telephone and Internet connection.

Besides, some manufacturers produce GoIP equipment that is a decent substitute for computers or telephones. Moreover, it is specially designed for a particular purpose so the quality is promised to be ideal.

What’s the difference between PBX and VoIP?

In fact, there is no big difference between these two types of connections. Basically, both of them provide the same service - dispatch calls and send the SMS. While the first solution requires more steps and equipment, the other one takes fewer efforts since the necessary equipment is basic and almost everyone has it. However, it doesn’t mean that the second solution is better for your business.

That’s where Axonim company can help you. We have enough experience to analyze your business and pick up the solution that suits particularly your business. It may involve designing and producing equipment, developing the software and installing them, so they can work properly and positively influence your business income. So if you are in search of suppliers of such service, you might not find more experienced and having appropriate expertise as Axonim has.