Video Processing Software Development

Video processing

Video data processing algorithms

Color correction

Color correction algorithms

Image defects elimination

Resolution and detailing increasing algorithms

Video data processing algorithms development:
  • encoding, decoding of audio and video data: wav, mp3, aac, jpeg, mjpeg, h.264;
  • addition of augmented reality (AR) objects;
  • image analysis, object selection, data processing:
  • speed of objects; behavior of objects; change of objects; comparison with reference; tracking objects; dimensioning of objects.
Color correction algorithms development for digital images and video data.
Eliminating defects algorithms development for digital images: removing noise, processing and repairing defective pixels.
Development of the algorithms for increasing the resolution and detailing of objects in the image.
Examples of solutions: automatic screening of products using machine vision. Automated monitoring and measuring system, software for computer vision, automated laser scanning system, video grabber - hardware and software platform designed to implement algorithms for high-speed fotofixation of high-resolution images, their processing and subsequent application for determining license plates of cars that violated the rules road traffic.

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