Special Devices

AXONIM Devices in collaboration with SANAT Technology offers the range of special digital devices design, prototyping, manufacturing services. We support our clients with digital devices design and new product development services. Highly skilled engineering teams perform whole development process starting from scratch suggested by our customer up to manufacturing services or product supply. We prepare full design documentation for the manufacture of the device and supply required OEM components.
Electronic monitoring system and tracking device for the persons on remand. System includes: server / mobile device / tracking device.
  • one-piece tracking device;
  • simple & smart design;
  • reliable & flexible hardware, software;
  • simple activation;
  • maintenance expenses reduction.
e-Bracelet features:
  • captures, transmits data: body temperature, heart rate, location to special mobile device;
  • e-Bracelet restricts, but does not deprive person’s freedom;
  • suspected or accused might get house arrest within investigation process;
  • persons on remand are in normal conditions of life without complete isolation from society;
e-bracelet contains:
  • Bluetooth transceiver;
  • fingerprint scanner, body temperature, pulse, location detectors;
  • electromechanical and electromagnetic integrity sensors of the bracelet.
Biometric kiosk
  • touch screen;
  • person’s face 3D model creation;
  • fingerprint reading meeting the biometric standards;
  • taking picture of a person meeting the biometric standards;
  • RFID cards, biometric passports reading;
  • identity card or passports reading.
  • registration matters and entry restriction at essential official (state) events;
  • supervision of entry to the objects of strategic importance;
  • supervision of entry to banks, buildings and during admission examinations;
  • receipt of information about those who are willing to get biometric visa passports;
  • in public transport and VIP border pass point;
  • receipt of biometric data from persons detained at police stations;
  • receipt of pensions by pensioners; precise record of work time etc.
E-seal is used for control process of the truck shipments within the country. Mobile high-speed connection and exchange of information with original RFID, electronic seal, mobile terminals and central database (CDB).
  • carries out records and reports on electronic seals and sealed objects;
  • detects unauthorized acts against sealed objects;
  • keeps logs of inquiries and references to the central database;
  • prepares reports of various forms and contents.

Read in Russian: разработка электронных устройств под ключ