Medical Device Design

Medical devices design, prototyping, manufacturing. AXONIM Devices in collaboration with TAHAT offers the range of medical devices, equipment and systems supply. We support our clients with medical devices design and new product development services. Highly skilled engineering teams perform whole development process starting from scratch suggested by our customer up to manufacturing services or product supply. We prepare full design documentation for the manufacture of the device and supply required OEM components.
Medical devices design services:
  • portable ultrasound sinuscopes;
  • electro-impedance mammografs;
  • portable 12-channel electrocardiographs;
  • tele-ECG solutions;
  • portable echoencephaloscopes;
  • personnel calling & access control;
  • warming system for newborns, children, patients;
  • systems for warming blood, substitutes, infusion solutions;
  • warming liquids and solutions with infusion therapy systems;
  • portable systems for warming liquids and solutions within infusion therapy.
BRILLIANT - Medical personnel call and access control system. BRILLIANT provides guaranteed call for personnel and also access control where necessary:
  • wireless solution;
  • visualization of a call on signal lights and call forwarding;
  • call indication on the medical post and in the medical ward;
  • personnel identification, access control at department / ward;
  • does not require additional licenses, permits to install;
  • clean installation - no wall chasing or cable routing required;
  • the complex can be implemented in operating facilities;
  • online monitoring of system operation.

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RAMONAK - Newborn, Baby, Patient warming systems with water/gel mattress, gel plate, gel pad. Prevention, treatment of hypothermia, complications caused by hypothermia during pre-, intra- and postoperative periods. Effective, practical, economical patient warming system with gel pad in the operating room, prevents bedsores as well.
  • temperature set in the range 34-39 °С during 24 h;
  • recovers muscle tone and motion activity of a newborn;
  • provides physiologically comfortable position, relax and sleep better;
  • even heat distribution;
  • temperature sensors on the heating plate;
  • sound, light signaling, self-test at start-up, during operation.

medical device design photo1AMPIR-01, AMPIRmini - Blood and infusion warmer. Fast and effective heating of liquids and solutions, blood and blood substitutes with infusion therapy, prevention and treatment of hypothermia and pre-, intra- and postoperative negative aftereffects:

  • rapid heating to the necessary temperature in 5 minutes
  • highly accurate temperature control can be set in the range between 34˚C and 41,5˚C;
  • possible usage of two lines on one device
  • continuous heating of the fluid flow within 24 h;
  • 3 h of autonomous work.

medical device development photo1MAMMO-SCREEN - Electro-impedance Mammograf for express diagnostics of mammary glands without X-rays. Innovative solution for the breast diagnosis / screening, preventive examinations, effectiveness of ongoing treatment monitoring:

  • absolutely safe, painless noninvasive method of examination;
  • absence of radiation, ultrasound and other burden on the patient;
  • diagnostics of women of all age groups, pregnant and lactating women;
  • detects mastopathy, mastitis, fibroadenoma, cysts and cancer;
  • it makes it possible to obtain a three-dimensional image of the mammary gland with a display of vessels and neoplasms;
  • does not require special rooms;
  • portability of the device allows you to use it in field work.

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ALTONIK-06 - 12-channel portable electrocardiograph with automatic registration, calculation of amplitude-time parameters. Portable, versatile and convenient in work electrocardiograph. Amplitude and time measurement of ECG. Registration "link rate", a wide range of print formats. Large memory for recorded ECG. Built-in clock and calendar. Ability to connect to PC.
  • receiving cardiogram at one button touch;
  • electrodes contact state monitoring;
  • pulse recording of pacemakers;
  • print: 3 leads;
  • rhythm channel, 6 leads;
  • built-in measuring program for calculating the amplitude-time parameters of the ECG;
  • possibility of recording ECG from newborns;
  • sending ECGs to mobile devices using Bluetooth.

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