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Software solutions and systems design

Algorithms, software and video processing module (thermal imager) development for the purpose of mounting on UAV, which will allow to determine live objects at different heights, in what direction and with what speed does the object (live object, vehicle) moves, type of object - man, seal, type machinery - car, truck, special vehicle; to determine the belonging of the vehicle (friend-foe). Hardware-software solutions for drones, UAV, UAS. Examples of solutions for drones are given below.
Algorithms, software, hardware for image and video stream processing:
  • video processing on the UAV without transferring it to the ground station - stabilization, capture, tracking, synthesis of conventional and thermal imaging.
  • combining video from a conventional camera (analog component video output Y / Pb / Pr) with thermal imaging (analog PAL video output).
  • compression in two formats - high-quality and heavy for high detail, or maximum compressed for fast data transfer.
  • simultaneous transfer of two streams to the database.
  • development of a hardware-software solution for transmitting data over a video or radio channel up to 100 km.
  • algorithm for locating UAVs without GLONAS and GPS.
  • autonomous landing of the UAV without GLONAS and GPS.
When patrolling on a certain route the UAV compares the images of the previous video stream with the current one to determine the changes in the terrain from the appearance of an object measuring 50x50 cm before the appearance, displacement of objects. And transmits the coordinates where the changes are defined.
If you have other technical tasks that you would like to implement, we will be happy to conduct our technical assessment of these tasks and propose a solution.

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