PCB Design Schematic

PCB Design Circuit

PCB schematic design using current components, optimization of the solution according to various criteria according to the constraints and conditions specified in the technical requirements, battery powered devices, circuit solutions modeling, design documentation full package.

PCB schematics design includes:

  • calculation, selection of components and verification of their production status;
  • connection of elements in accordance with the functional and structural scheme of the technical system in the technical specification;
  • modeling of the power system for compliance with the technical requirements specification;
  • preliminary list of components preparation;
  • availability and delivery time check of components, if necessary, analogues selection;
  • coordination of the components list with the Customer.

Despite the fact that the printed circuit board is quite a small detail, it must be the most important thing in the whole device. The reason is that it contains all the significant components that make the device work properly. Thus, it really matters how all the components lay across the whole area of PCB and they are suitable for each other. In order to do that, the engineers think about PCB design and schematic carefully. Still, these two things are absolutely different in purpose and you are invited to find out why. But before you jump into this review, you might want to read what the PCB is and how it works.

Is There a Difference Between PCB Schematic and PCB Design?

Yes, there is a huge difference between the schematic and PCB design. In fact, these are two independent stages of manufacturing the ready PCB. However, there exists a more precise definition. The schematic refers to describing the components that will be installed and their functionality. Besides, the schematic is usually a hand-drawn two-dimensional picture. The main purpose of that is to be fully understandable by any person who takes it, so they can be familiar with how it works, what software it should be compatible with and what result it should deliver at the end.

Meanwhile, the PCB design circuit is the next stage of development of the PCB. The design allows engineers to get the prototype of the board before it goes to the fabrication stage. It is usually drawn by special applications that render its picture so you can clearly see its physical dimensions. Consequently, such a picture is three-dimensional so it can be rotated however you want. It allows finding all the weak points before the manufacturing process is launched. For example, there may appear some layout or assembly issues that can be noticed only when it’s fully-built or seen like in rendered PCB design. And the engineers test each design until they are satisfied with the result and it has no issues either with components’ layout or with its functioning. The next step will be manufacturing the real PCB.

How to Turn The Schematic into The PCB Design?

As it was already mentioned, the schematic is just the beginning of creating a printed circuit board. For the next step, you may require CAD software that marks the places where the electronic components and ratlines will be installed. The latter refers to the guides for further etching of electrical tracks.

This stage also includes arranging positions of vias and copper pours that serves as a conjunction between the conductive layers of the PCB.

Once the design is ready, it should reviewed taking into account these criteria:

  1. All the components are connected to a conductive layer and work properly
  2. The design corresponds to the requirements of the schematic
  3. The PCB design doesn’t break the manufacturing rules, which means all the components and tracks are within the area of where the machine can work. For example, there should be some margins or the drilling machine won’t make the through holes where they are not necessary.

In some cases, you may not be familiar with all the peculiarities of PCB design or schematic. Thus, it will be more justified if you will ask an expert to make the proper PCB schematic and then design taking into account all your requirements. Axonim company is one of those that can definitely help you with this task. So don’t hesitate to describe an issue you’ve encountered.