Hardware Platform Design

schematics design

PCB desing

components selection

Hardware platform design

- PCB, embedded solutions, hardware platforms, digital devices

AXONIM engineers fulfill development projects related to the design of electronics, digital devices and embedded systems of any complexity. Hardware platform development includes: schematics, circuit design, PCB design, search and selection of components, prototypes production and testing.

Engineers specializing in the development of hardware platforms are engaged in the design of a technical system (PCB, processor module, embedded solution, digital device) in accordance with the technical specification requirements (hardware platform architecture, functional architecture, technical characteristics, target cost, etc.).

Embedded, low-level software development: FPGA, operating system porting and adaptation to the hardware platform, low-level software and drivers, signal or data processing algorithms, low-level applications.

Depending on the requirements of the contract and the technical specification, the result of this stage of development works usually are: a set of design documentation, prototypes on first bring-up phase, hardware platform documentation for software engineers. If the development project includes FPGA development, then the firmware for FPGA is included.

Preparation of the hardware and software integrated solution and its modules for manufacturing - thermal modeling, 3D modeling, coordination with the requirements of a specific manufacturer, preparation of a package of design and software documentation.

Installation of electronic components - manual installation, installation on an automatic line, preparation of documentation for installation, BGA mounting, FLIP-Chip, CSP, QFP, SMD.

разработка аппаратной-платформы