Software Design for eCOS

Software Development for eCOS - RTOS

AXONIM software engineers fulfill the tasks of software developing for eCOS, configuring and porting for eCOS, RedBoot to the target platform.

Tasks examples:

  • providing backup and save firmware with the ability to restore the firmware of the hardware and software complex or device;
  • providing the exchange of parameters between the eCOS application and RedBoot;
  • writing and updating the code for downloading the eCOS application from RedBoot;
  • porting the developed software solutions to the target platform;
  • writing and adjusting HAL for a specific platform, both supported and not supported by the underlying repository;
  • low-level software development: drivers of communication chips such as Ethernet, WiFi, BlueTooth, RSxxx; writing drivers SPI, I2C, CAN, USB, LCD, VGA, TV-OUT, ADC, DAC, etc.;
  • writing serial and parallel EEPROM, FLASH (NAND, NOR) drivers, also with support in FIS; support USB-FLASH, SD / MMC;
  • implementation of porting of communication stacks - lwIP, BSD, ModBus, ProfiNet.

The competences of our engineering teams include: test methodics and procedures development, test software, test hardware solutions, direct software testing, testing of the hardware and software packages provided by the Customer; search for the causes of software and hardware malfunctions, followed by the elimination of causes, debugging and testing of the provided "problematic" devices.

Program documentation writing, corrections and adjustments of the program documentation, source code transfer, development tools, debugging tools for different operating systems, repository to the Customer's specialists.