Development for Windows Embedded

Development for Windows Embedded platform

AXONIM software engineering teams develop software for the Windows Embedded Compact platform using the Windows Embedded CE / Compact / Standart / POSReady operating system.

Typical tasks: hardware support package and drivers (BSP) structure design, BSP development, modification of the packages provided by the customer for x86, ARM, boot loader development, EBOOT loader.

Startup code loader development, interrupt management code, power management code, adding code to support multi-core platforms.

Drivers development at the kernel level and for the upper level for various external connections such as Ethernet driver with KITL support, CAN driver and others.

Modification and optimization of the code, settings for driver load sequences, their priorities, additional services development, specialized libraries development, test solutions development.

Creation of project images, kernel images, assembly taking into account specific wishes, software documentation developing for subsequent use by the customer, changing the list of components in the image for various purposes, for example, for starting and debugging on a hardware device, testing the assembled image on a hardware platform or device, or emulation.

SDK (Software development kit) development for the purpose of subsequent development of applications by the customer, our own, or other developers for a specific OS image.

Software modules development, custom applications, testing of software and individual modules, software servers development, client modules, user interfaces.