Development for Embedded Linux

Software Development for the Embedded Linux Platform

The AXONIM engineering teams perform tasks related to the software development for the Embedded Linux platform, uCLinux and Android.

Typical tasks: hardware support package architecture (BSP) design for solutions on ARM, x86, BlackFin platforms; preparation and adjustment of the bootloader (Bootstrap).

Development and customization of the u-boot loader for devices on ARM, x86, BlackFin platforms; start code writing, interrupt control code, power management code for the hardware module, and similar tasks.

Software development for the Embedded Linux platform also includes the tasks of adding HAL code with the support function of multi-core platforms; writing drivers at the kernel level, software modules development for connecting various peripheral solutions.

The Embedded Linux operating system code customizing, additional options and services programming, the operation optimizing of the low-level software - setting priorities and sequence of driver downloads, the code improving.

The Kernel images creation and transformation, projects images, assembly taking into account special requirements, software elements removal from the image, image assembly for subsequent debugging and recovery on the Customer's device.

Test methodics development, test software, test procedures, test hardware and software solutions, testing services including on the target platform.

For application development tasks using a specific operating system image, our programmers prepare SDK; develop individual solutions - modules and software applications, adjust, correct, improve custom applications.

High-level software development - server, client, user interfaces, specialized solutions for various technologies.