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Embedded Software Design

Embedded software development: solutions without operating system, solutions with operating systems, integration of the operating system into the device, low-level software development and testing, drivers, FPGA (CPLD) design, digital signal processing algorithms development, data processing algorithms, testing software and methodics design.

Software development - server, client, user interface, mobile applications - development of architecture, semantic core, software structural and functional modules, software modules and systems integration, entire software package testing.

Low level, high level software development, test software for manufacture, user interfaces, mobile applications.

Depending on the requirements of the software development project, our engineers design low level software, tests for functional testing, production test software, high level software, user interfaces and menus, mobile applications, system or server software according to the technical specification requirements (software architecture, functionality, performance requirements, etc.).

Standard tasks during the software development phase, including software for FPGA / CPLD:

  • data processing algorithms modeling in accordance with the features of the architecture of the calculator;
  • implementation of algorithms in the form of program code based on the model;
  • implementation of test procedures for software testing;
  • implementation of test software for the initial launch and testing of prototypes;
  • implementation of functional software for prototypes, including software for FPGA / CPLD.

The result of this stage of the software design works for the customer, depending on the requirements of the contract and the technical specification, are software modules, algorithms, low and high level software, test software for functional testing of devices in manufacturing, mobile applications and software documentation for all software transferred to the customer.

Toolset: C/C++ (incl STL/ATL), TCL, CDL, Java (J2ME), MatLab, Mathematica, VHDL/Verilog, ASM, XML, XAML.

Hardware platforms: ARM, SuperH, x86, TI DSP, ADI Blackfin, ADI DSP, AVR32, MSP430, XMOS, i51, PIC.

embedded software development