Development: Project Preparation Stage

technical specification

delivery-acceptance procedure

works’ scope, calendar plan, budget

Preparation of the development project - 

wearable & handheld devices, embedded solutions, electronics

The development project preparation stage specifies the results received at the previous stage in order to prepare the technical specification for design of the technical system - embedded, electronics, digital device, others.

Input data - technical requirements, commercial and technical offer prepared at the estimation stage, agreement. Technical and commercial offer must contain a specific and unambiguous plan of works performed at this stage and a budget for the purchase of necessary components, as well as evaluation kits to produce prototype with the aim of eliminating uncertainties, confirming assumptions and hypotheses, specifying technical characteristics and requirements set out within estimation stage.

Preparation state standard scope of works:

  • procurement of the evaluation kits and components;
  • additional evaluation kits design and production;
  • prototyping;
  • test programs development to eliminate uncertainties and to prove solution;
  • technical parameters measurement according to the list of technical characteristics and requirements.

Output results - technical specification with the specified hardware architecture and software platform of the technical system, including specified technical characteristics, prototypes testing methodic, technical characteristics measuring methodic, technical characteristics testing procedure for compliance with the requirements, scope of works, acceptance procedure, budget for works, budget for the evaluation kits and prototypes, draft contract for the execution of engineering works with the payment plan and the design stages closure plan.

Technical specification includes:

  • list of terms and definitions;
  • technical system purpose and usage scenarios;
  • description of the main and additional functions of the technical system;
  • functional diagram of the technical system;
  • component diagram of the technical system;
  • requirements for design results.

The acceptance-delivery procedure is formalized in the form of an annex to the technical specification and contains:

  • list of terms and definitions;
  • list of specialists from the Customer and the Contractor sides for the acceptance-delivery procedure;
  • methodics and means of the technical system, prototype verification for compliance with the design and program documentation;methodics and means of measuring of the technical characteristics;
  • methodics and means of technical system, prototype verification for compliance with the technical system requirements;
  • methodics and means of verification for compliance with the requirements of standards for the technical system;
  • methodics and means for compliance with the requirements for the certification of technical system samples.

The calendar plan is made in the form of an annex to the technical specification and contains:

  • list of design stages;
  • the design result for each stage;
  • methodics for verifying the results for compliance at each stage.

The budget is made in the form of an annex to the technical specification and contains:

  • cost of works for each development stage;
  • cost prototypes production;
  • preliminary cost of production of printed circuit boards, assembly and installation;
  • cost of works on delivery-acceptance procedure;
  • preliminary cost of works on preparation and carrying out of certified laboratory tests.

Note - final costs are determined after the prototype production, bring-up and testing.

Requirements for input data and results at the development preparation stage are to be correct, reliable, consistent, unambiguous and measurable.

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