Development: Project Operational Stage

design documentation

program documentation


Electronics development operational stag

- electronics, embedded systems, digital devices

The operational stage is performed to produce a prototype ready for testing for compliance with the requirements of the technical specification and functional testing based on the developed design and software documentation.

Input data - technical specification with the requirements for the technical system, prototype testing methodics, technical characteristics measuring methods and procedures, technical characteristics testing methodics for compliance with the requirements, the scope of works, the acceptance-delivery procedure, the budget for works, the prototypes production budget, draft contract for the execution of the development works with the payment plan and the design stages closure plan, the requirements and capabilities of a particular production for the development of design documentation relevant to the requirements of a particular production and test software.

If the production data can not be provided by the Customer at this stage, then it will be necessary to make corrections in the design documentation, test software and, possibly, development of test benches or adapters for testing of the manufactured and assembled printed circuit boards and, or completely assembled products for compliance with the requirements of the requirements of the technical specification.

Output results - design and software documentation for prototypes production, test and functional software, prototypes.

Requirements for input data and results at the operational stage must be correct, reliable, consistent, unambiguous and measurable.

Operational stage scope of works:

  • schematics solution design;
  • PCB design;
  • software development, including software for FPGA / CPLD;
  • prototyping.