Development: Project Final Stage




Final stage of the development project

- electronics, embedded solution, digital device

The development project final stage is carried out for the purpose of testing the technical system prototypes in accordance with the technical characteristics requirements, the technical requirements, according to the test procedure and the delivery-acceptance procedure, as well as adjusting the design documentation, test software for the requirements of a particular production.

Typical work plan on the development project final stage:

  • prototypes testing according to the test procedure, the delivery-acceptance procedure for compliance with the requirements of technical specification, including functional requirements;
  • implementing changes and adjustments to the prototypes;
  • correction and fixing basing on the results of tests: design and software documentation;
  • test and functional software;
  • testing procedure and delivery-acceptance procedure;
  • development project results delivery-acceptance procedure;
  • correction of design documentation, test software for the requirements of a particular manufacturer.

Input data - technical specification including technical characteristics and functional requirements, prototype testing methodics and procedure, technical characteristics measurement methodics, technical characteristics compliance test methodic, delivery and acceptance procedure, design and software documentation, prototypes, specific design requirements for design documentation and test software.

Output results - design and software documentation, test and functional software, prototypes, protocols of the testing results and prototypes testing for compliance with technical characteristics and requirements, delivery-acceptance certificate.

The requirements for input data and results at the final stage of the development project must be correct, reliable, consistent, unambiguous and measurable.