Development: Project Estimation Stage

technical requirements assessment

solution feasibility verification

technical and commercial offer

Development project estimation

- electronics, embedded systems, digital devices

The estimation stage is intended, first of all, to form a general idea of the required technical system based on the technical requirements provided by the Customer with the indicated main function that the technical system should perform.

Input data received from the Customer - technical requirements with a defined main function that the technical system must perform.
TR received from the Customer in written or verbal form are assessed by the Contractor for correctness, reliability, consistency and unambiguity, after which they are fixed, executed in the form of a document by the Contractor and approved by the Customer.
TR usually contains: 
  1. list of terms and definitions;
  2. functional requirements for the technical system. With a description of the main, additional functions, possible operation modes. It is usually presented in the form of text, graphic structural and functional schemes using the terms and definitions specified in the list of terms and definitions. The use of synonyms, additional terminology is not allowed in order to avoid misinterpretations and understanding of the description of the technical system functioning;
  3. measurable technical characteristics of the technical system in numerical terms, and indication of methods and means for measuring;
  4. requirements for compliance with the technical system standards applicable to this class of technical systems;
  5. requirements for the documentation, specifying standards according to which the design and program documentation is to be done,  and list of files according to the same standards;
  6. manufacturing requirements and constraints;
  7. testing requirements for compliance with the specified standards for technical system in certified laboratories, as well as the protocol for conducting compliance tests;
  8. works delivery-acceptance procedure requirements.
Contractor conducts a preliminary estimation and, in case of the possibility of implementing the technical system, develops a preliminary commercial offer and a technical offer based on fixed and approved technical requirements.
If it is not possible to design the technical system with the mentioned technical requirements, the Contractor offers several possible options for the technical system development with the required function. Such cases can be - detection of incorrect, unreliable, contradictory requirements, possible significant risks and undesirable effects, or uncertainties in technical requirements and unobvious implementation of a basic technical system function at a sufficient level when analyzing technical requirements. After that, the Customer approves one of the options, and the Contractor issues the technical and commercial offer for the technical systems design.

Output results - technical and commercial offer containing:

  1. integrated functional and structural diagrams of the whole technical system, as well as the hardware and software platforms;
  2. list of the main technical system functional nodes, the main structural components of the hardware and software platforms, description of the functions that are performed by the technical system nodes, components of the integrated hardware and software platforms of the technical system;
  3. technical system development plan and scope of works;
  4. possible preliminary technical characteristics of the technical system;
  5. preliminary measuring and verification methods for compliance of the design results on each stage with the technical system characteristics;
  6. list of possible risks and undesirable effects that may affect the course of the design of the technical system, as well as the technical characteristics;
  7. preliminary design budget, possible budget for additional costs associated with the acquisition of the required tools, design materials, samples, technical characteristics measurement in certified laboratories, the cost of possible travel on acceptance, delivery, commissioning, integration, as well as the technical system manufacturing.
The requirements for input data and results at the estimation stage are to be correct, reliable, consistent, unambiguous and measurable.