Portable Oxygen Analyzer

Portable Oxygen Analyzer

Despite the fact that Oxygen is the main element that we breathe with, it is also a fire hazard element. Thus, increasing concentration in the factory may lead to accidents that can kill people. That’s why it’s important to monitor it as well as the other exhaust gases. And the proven way to do it is by installing an oxygen analyzer. This article is dedicated to telling you about what an oxygen gas analyzer is and how it works.

What Is an Oxygen Analyzer?

In fact, an oxygen analyzer is a device that consists of a bunch of electronics that reads the values received by the oxygen sensor. Meanwhile, the sensor is responsible for measuring the ratio of oxygen and other components in any type of substance.

Usually, it is installed at the factories to track the combustion quality in order not to pollute the surrounding environment. In case of exceeding the maximum permissible concentration of O2 by industrial plants will result in major ecological issues subsequently the overwhelming amount of fines.

What Types Of Oxygen Analyzers Are There?

Currently, there are lots of technologies that are used in order to perform constant and correct measurement of O2 level in factories. But they differ by its construction, method of measurement, and purpose. For example, the O2 analyzer with electrochemical elements doesn’t necessarily meet the requirements of all industries. So, here are the most common ones and their strong and weak points.

O2 Analyser with an Electrochemical Sensor

The O2 analyser with an electrochemical sensor is one of the most accurate ones. Their principle of work resembles the battery’s producing current that is equal to the partial pressure of oxygen (160 mm Hg). Thus, if there are no O2 traces in the gas the measuring device will show zero and will change the values once the oxygen appears. 


  • It is relatively small which may be crucial for particular solutions so it’s safe to say that it’s a portable oxygen analyzer
  • High sensitivity to the oxygen level changes


  • The life of the sensor is pretty short (1.5 years)
  • It requires calibration maintenance twice a year

Oxygen Purity Analyzer

The Oxygen purity analyzer is also highly sensitive to the concentration changes but it works absolutely differently. Such a device is a perfect fit for measuring O2 in the gas stream. It has a fluorescent membrane that produces light once the amount of oxygen atom emittance caused by a built-in LED lamp is increased. The brighter the membrane glow, the higher voltage becomes and the values change.


  • It is sensitive to the low concentration of oxygen
  • It receives values fast
  • Its life is equal to 10 years


  • Its operation is limited in some substances
  • It requires overhaul procedure every year

Industrial Oxygen Analyzer

A paramagnetic sensor is often used in an industrial oxygen analyzer. In fact, it uses the natural magnetic power. It is equipped with two spheres filled with nitrogen and are suspended because of strong magnetic power. Once the gas sample goes into the measuring reservoir, the oxygen atoms are attracted by a magnet, too. And, they make two spheres rotate. Depending on torque strength the oxygen concentration is calculated.


  • There is no “sensor” literally that may come out of order through its lifetime
  • It works with the majority of substances including hazardous ones


  • It is too sensitive to excessive components such as dirt
  • It can’t recognize a small amount of oxygen

Oxygen Concentrator Analyzer with a Zirconia-Ceramic Sensor

The oxygen concentrator analyzer with a zirconia-ceramic sensor must be the most effective one. It is equipped with the zirconia membrane surrounded by 2 electrodes. They react to the amount of oxygen in the measured substance and change the voltages that show the actual value. 


  • It works for more than 10 years
  • The working range is within 0.5-100% of oxygen in the sample
  • It shows the values immediately


  • The sensor should be kept at 700C for proper work
  • It mustn’t be used for measuring oxygen in flammable substances
  • The values are only in percents

How To Choose The Proper Device?

As you may have noticed, there can be an oxygen purity meter that is sensitive to the minimum amount of O2 in the substance. Meanwhile, the major part of the oxygen purity tester manufacturers dedicates their capacity to the devices that can deal with the higher level of O2 in exhaust only. That is why the first thing you should take into account when choosing such a necessary device is the approximate amount of the substance to be measured. The more it is, the more sensitive device you need.

The second thing that you should consider is the method of application that may be crucial to a form and size factor of instruments to be installed.

There is one more thing that you should also bear in mind is whether you need to know the amount of O2, its percentage in or deficit in one sample. Of course, depending on these criteria, the configuration of the O2 gas analyzer can differ greatly.

How To Prolong Life Of Oxygen Gas Analyser?

The oxygen gas analyser is a pretty whimsical device, but the end justifies the means. In particular, such a tiny thing can prevent thousand or million-cost fines. Thus, it’s quite important to stick to the special recommendations about the installing and conditioning processes.

In particular, in order to keep its accuracy for a long time, it shouldn’t undergo any extreme temperature changes or to be exposed to sunlight, water, or dust. In case of medical application, it may also require absolute sterility.  These factors do damage not only the sensor but the device itself. Moreover, the installing process is also important — any analyzer of oxygen should be set up at a particular temperature that is equal to the surrounding one where the oxygen concentrator purity tester will operate. 

Moreover, the instruments that are used also matter. Finally, don’t forget to check the suppliers’ reliability and customer care if you need to choose the portable O2 analyzer since they should help in case you have problems with it.Meanwhile, you also can skip all those steps by choosing the right partner who will take care of all the processes related to such a necessary gadget. Axonim company provides a full range of services related to manufacturing, installing, and maintaining industrial or handheld oxygen analyzer. So just hit the button and contact us.

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