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New product development estimation - more accurate and complete

new product, technical system - a digital device, an embedded solution, a hardware-software solution, software, etc.

  1. What and whom for the new product, solution is to be intended to? Analogues or several combined functions that are to be implemented in the new product.
  2. Who, where and how will use it? Spheres of application. Countries, industries, types of users, etc.
  3. Where the new product, solution will not be used for sure? In what sphere (private users, industry, cars, aircraft, medicine) and in what environment (home, outdoors, extreme temperature and weather conditions, under water, in living bodies, etc.) it cannot be accurately applied.
  4. Under what conditions will the new product, solution fail? What will be the operation environment of the new product, solution? Description of the environment, super system, other products or solutions with which the new one will be used.
  5. Usage scenarios. Typical user actions with the new product, solution to get the main function and which additional functions are performed while doing so.
  6. Prohibited usage scenarios. Typical actions of the user with the new product, solution that will be not possible to be done.
  7. New product, solutions functioning and performance requirements? Time values, accuracy values, operating time, reliability values, power, charge, operating and data calculation speed, etc.
  8. Physical characteristics. Mass-dimensions, material, vibration, sounds, indication, etc.
  9. Is there a need to certify the new product? Requirements of standards, tests, certification, requirements for technical and program documentation and software.
  10. What exactly needs to be developed in the new product? PCB, device body, firmware, custom software, mobile software, server software, test software + equipment (for manufacturing).
  11. Is there already a list of components, items to be used. The list of functions fo the new product, solution is also welcomed.
  12. The target cost of the new product, solution in batch production; target manufacturing volumes and the target selling price on the market.
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