Medical devices design partnership

Medical devices design partnership
AXONIM Devices is proud to announce the beginning of strategic cooperation with company TAHAT that is well known for more than 20 years as designer and manufacturer of the medical devices, equipment and systems.
AXONIM will be presenting and promoting TAHAT products and solution on the global market as well as supporting new products development for medical business field by own embedded solutions development expertise.
We are ready and able to support our clients with medical devices design and new product development services. Highly skilled engineering teams (TAHAT+AXONIM) perform whole development process starting from scratch suggested by our customer up to manufacturing services or product supply.
We prepare full design documentation for the manufacture of the device and supply required OEM components.
Medical devices, equipment, systems design, prototyping, manufacturing including and not limited with:
  • portable ultrasound sinuscopes;
  • electro-impedance mammografs;
  • portable 12-channel electrocardiographs;
  • tele-ECG solutions;
  • portable echoencephaloscopes;
  • personnel calling & access control;
  • warming system for newborns, children, patients;
  • systems for warming blood, substitutes, infusion solutions;
  • warming liquids and solutions with infusion therapy systems;
  • portable systems for warming liquids and solutions within infusion therapy.
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