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Mechanical and electrical design partnership

AXONIM is proud to announce the beginning of a strategic cooperation with 2TS Engineering – research and development center specializing in mechanics, electrics, industrial design. This company provides outsourced engineering services: R&D, industrial design, software development, prototyping & testing, serial production support, engineering expertise, technical support. Excellence areas: automotive and vehicles engineering, industrial equipment, power generation and supply, medical equipment, robotics, equipment for hard environmental conditions.

2TS Engineering solutions examples: electric motors, supporting-rotary devices, hoisting-mast and lifting-rotary devices, traction electric drives, automobile chassis, motor vans and mobile buildings, control systems, indicating systems, generators, power sources, traction batteries, mobile power stations, power plants, small-capacity wind power plants, industrial robotics, power electronics, automated lines, technological devices and non-standard equipment.

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