A Full Guide of How to Choose The Right Laser Distance Measurer

A Full Guide of How to Choose The Right Laser Distance Measurer

Have you ever thought about purchasing a laser distance measurer, but something always stopped you from this or you borrowed it from a friend? Now you realize that it’s high time to have your own cool device. So here’s what you should know if you want to choose the best of the best ones.

What Is Laser Distance Measurer?

The laser distance measurer is a modern device that is designed to measure the area without any inconvenient and bulky gadgets. Instead of them, there is a tiny device that does all the jobs automatically in a few seconds. The result appears on the display immediately. 

Depending on preinstalled settings of the laser distance meter the accuracy so the performance may differ. Thus, some of them are able to measure long distances that may spread even over a mile. Another significant feature is that they are capable of calculating the volume or, even, yardage. Finally, it’s astonishingly easy to use compared to its predecessors.

By the way, the principle of work was adopted from ultrasound distance measurers, which obviously used sound waves instead of laser beams for the same purpose. Their huge disadvantage was the difficulty to reach the target, especially at long distances. Thus, the accuracy was really low.

laser distance finder

How Does The Laser Distsnce Meter Works?

The laser rangefinder uses the technology of calculating the speed of the beam. In particular, it produces the beam, and it tracks the time spent on producing the beam that is directed onto the object the distance you want to measure between, and when its reflection returns back. The more time it takes to be reflected, the longer distance is. Their undoubted advantage is that they don’t require any contact with the objects. Consequently, it requires less bustle from the user.

Will Laser Distance Finder Replace The Ruler?

The laser distance finder is a really convenient device for any purpose. However, it does have some drawbacks that will make it improper.

First of all, any digital laser distance meter has a sensor that needs to “catch” the bounced beam. That is why the laser won’t work with the tiny surface of the target at all. For instance, it can be used in a room, or in an area with specially installed walls. So it won’t work with measuring the length of a log or a pole.

Despite the compact size, it still requires room for placing the device and the beam. Thus, even the mini laser distance measurer is absolutely ineffective with really tiny gaps, let’s say, between the bricks.

The traditional ruler or a tape measure will be more suitable for all the above-mentioned cases. Still, combining laser distance meter range along with primitive ones will bring you an outstanding result.

So it’s almost impossible to substitute the regular ruler with the digital rangefinder.

digital laser distance meter

Is There A Difference Between Beam Colors?

Nowadays, there are 2 colors of beam available on the market. The most common is red one. However, recently there appeared devices that emit green beams instead. So what’s the difference?

Someone may think that it doesn’t have any specific features, but the green beam is considered to be seen more clearly in daylight without any special goggles. Meanwhile, the red one is well seen in fog or inside the building.

How To Use A Long Distance Laser Measurer?

The long-distance laser measure requires only a stable surface where it should stay on, and the vertical one is the extreme point that will serve as a mirror for a sensor. In other words, it’s necessary to have a protruding and visible end. Thus, in some cases, you may need to imitate it by setting a plastic or wooden piece that will help you with the correct measuring procedure.

Once the device is settled, you need to turn it on and make sure that the beam reaches your target or protruding extension. Then, you can get a reading from the display. This is the basic function that high accuracy laser distance meter does. Still, the advanced model may have more features. The latter requires dexterity so you may need to try particular functions a few times.

What To Consider When Choosing The Laser Distomer?

Buying any tools is quite a responsible step. It requires your prior careful research since nobody wants to make a mistake but to have a usable and durable device that will operate for a long time.

So the first thing you should take into consideration is what you are going to use this device for. It will influence whether you need an outdoor laser distance meter or a mini one that better works inside.

laser distance meter

Additionally, you may want to choose the laser distomer by the color of the beam, since as it was already mentioned red is the worse option for outside purposes than the green one.

The second thing is its distance measurement ability. In particular, usually, the handheld laser distance meter is less powerful so it won’t work with long distances. The same concerns the mini laser distance meter since the battery capacity is not enough to produce long laser beams. Besides, don’t forget to pay attention to what the minimum length it can operate with.

The third thing is its size. Of course, any laser distance detector comes in a variety of forms so does in size. However, there may be some difficulties in using it for a particular case. Thus, this fact may be crucial for potential users, too.

The fourth thing is its auxiliary properties that make the laser rangefinder less vulnerable to circumstances and weather conditions. For instance, check out whether it is shockproof or waterproof.

The fifth thing is the price range. The more functions the device has, the higher price will be. So you should be prepared if you want to have a specific instrument with quite unique properties.

In fact, it’s not a limit of how many things the best laser distance reader may have. And a regular customer may get confused by such a variety. Moreover, large companies may want to have such tools under their own brand. For his purpose, they will need to find a reliable laser distance meter manufacturer that can bring all the requirements to come true. By the way, the Axonim company is the first company that you should look at.

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