Android, iOS software engineer

Android / iOS software developer

Whom are we looking for:
the team needs an Android / iOS developers, mobile applications design to work with external devices (via USB, Bluetooth, WiFi). Relevant experience and understanding of the operation of USB, Bluetooth, WiFi. Experience of working with libraries for encoding / decoding audio and video, application of algorithms and methods for processing OpenCV video is encouraged.
What do we have to do:
mobile applications design and development- receiving data from external devices (range finders, cameras, thermal imagers) and processing the data obtained at the capacities of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones);
actively participate in every stage of the software development life cycle;
code control, SW architecture in projects to develop applications;
develop / adapt algorithms for receiving and processing data from external devices;
place mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play.
Key skills:
Android, iOS
USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, BLE and NFC interfaces
English sufficient for conducting correspondence with the customer and reading technical requirements and technical literature
Required work experience: 3-6 years
Full time, full day
Place of employment Republic of Belarus, Minsk
Some distinctive features of our company as an organization:
Open system, management level is only one - project manager and project teams. All information within the team is open. The administration is a service unit that provides coordination functions both within the system and with the supersystem. Project management is subject to regulations, which includes the logic of constraint theory, TDD, Value engineering, TRIZ. The information inside the organization is open, for example, the financial data in the project is transparent for everyone in the team, as well as the situation with tasks, performante, plans, results. Performance indicators of the team and individual employees: personal and team efficiency, EBIT per person per month, progress on the project. Teams have a constant part of the salary and participate in the project's bonus fund, which is defined as part of the operating profit. Most customers are regular customers with regularly injected projects.