We use the scientific approach, methods and practices approved with reliable performance: logic, statistics, artificial systems development theory (TRIZ), theory of constraints, value engineering, and few others.
We grow a flat organizational structure consisting of only two levels - the developer and the project manager. Everything else and very dosed - these are auxiliary functions aimed at reinforcing the development process.
We provide employees with tools for both project management and development, train and grow, learn from each other and improve our tooling and management model. All organizational information, including financial information, is available to all employees. Everyone has the right to make a mistake.
We offer you cooperation as an engineer, developer - we grow with you or as an engineer due to the development and implementation of new and / or more complex, interesting projects, or become a project manager. In both cases, your income consists of constant and variable parts, and the variable part is the share in the financial result of the project in which you are participating.
We strive to grow and develop together with colleagues, understanding that it is important to provide income above the average, and preferably significantly above the average market. For what we select new more interesting and complicated projects, we constantly improve ourselves and the tools we use.