Hardware Development and Prototyping


  • Headquarter office in Lithuania: Lvovo g. 105, Vilnius, 08104, Lithuania
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AXONIM Devices engineering teams

Digital circuits: Xilinx FPGA (Spartan-6, Virtex-6, Artix-7, Zynq-7000, Kintex-7), Xilinx CPLD, MCU (MSP430), DSP (C6000), DDR3, Flash (parallel, serial), Synthesizer, Ethernet PHY (10/100/1000), Gigabit Switches, SFP, QSFP.

Analog circuits

Mixed-signal circuits: ADC, DAC, DDS.
Standards: ATCA (Carrier, RTM, AMC), mTCA (AMC, MCH, backplane), FMC, PCI, CompactPCI, VPX.

PCB: Double-sided boards; Multi-layer boards; High-Speed Design; High-Density Design; Grid Arrays (BGA); Rigid, Rigid-Flex, Flex Designs, Differential pairs; Impedance control; Mezzanine boards; Analog circuits routing (LF, HF, LNA, Power); Circuit simulation (Micro-Cap); Analog circuits: precision, low-noise, high-speed. Power amplifiers. RF circuits. Circuits with high-impedance isolation of working part: ECG, EEG.

Simulation: power integrity, signal integrity, DC voltage drop; circuit simulation (Micro-Cap, OrCAD PSpice).

Technical documentation writing:
Embedded firmware development (Xilinx PPC, Microblaze, STM32, PIC); Device Prototyping (Double-sided boards); PCB assembling (Surface mount, through-hole, mixed technology); Device testing and debugging; Script Development; Library management; PCB Manufacturing Preparation; PCB Manufacturing support; embedded firmware development (Xilinx PPC, Microblaze, STM32, PIC).