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Solutions and devices developed by our teams are now in operation around the world.

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Video Processing Software Development

Video data processing, color correction, elimination of digital image defects algorithms development.

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Optical Device Design

Outsourced desing house: electronics, embedded solutions, algorithms and software for digital optical devices - thermal imagers, monoculars, binoculars, sights, attachments to sights, etc.

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Wearable Device Development

Contract development, prototyping and serial production of digital devices and wearable & handheld devices, consumer electronics for the mass market.



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Drone Software & Hardware

Hardware and software solutions for UAS, UAV, drones.

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Telecommunications Equipment

Development, prototyping, contract production of hardware, software and emdedded systems for providing communication via various channels: radio, GSM, Ethernet, IP, etc.

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Embedded System Hardware

Contract development: processor modules, embedded solutions, hardware and software platforms, integration into the serial products of our customers.

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Oil, Gas industry

Software development and technical support of measuring and control devices for gas distribution stations.

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Industrial Automation Systems

A wide range of tasks and solutions for enterprises specializing in the automation of production.

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Special Devices

Special organizations and forces devices and systems development - digital optics, wearable and handheld devices, tracing, detecting, collecting data, video and data processing systems and others.

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Single Board Computers

Customized processor modules and embedded solutions from AXONIM Devices.

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We cooperate with various global semiconductor & electronics manufacturing and supply companies, new product design houses, IT outsourcing companies.

Electronic Design Service

Axonim - hardware development company which provides electronic design service.
We develop electronics, embedded solutions and digital devices in a wide range of fields since 2011. Founded in Belarus, we provide different electronic product design and hardware development solutions such as:

  • Video Processing Software;
  • Optical Design Device;
  • Wearable Device Development;
  • Drone Software and Hardware;
  • Telecommunications Equipment;
  • Embedded System Hardware;
  • Oil and Gas Industry Software Development and Technical Support;
  • Industrial Automation Systems;
  • Medical Device Design;
  • Special Device Design;
  • Single Board Computers.

Our systems are used all around the world. We developed such things as: metrology equipment, night and thermal vision optics, machine vision, 2D and 3D scanning, consumer electronics, accounting systems and monitoring at gas distribution stations, protected computers, industrial controllers, technical processes automation systems, nuclear energy control systems and the list goes on. You can see our projects here.

We believe that with competence and high quality standards in everything we do, enthusiasm of our specialists and our desire to understand every tiny detail of every customer’s future project, we can bring your vision to life.

But first we want to tell you about our job. How we see hardware development and electronic system design and show you how we create things at Axonim.

What is Hardware Development

So what is the meaning of hardware design and hardware development? By “hardware” we usually name electrical or electro-mechanical devices, which may contain embedded software. Think of phones, computers, medical tools, networking equipment and other communications technology and so on. “Hardware design” basically mean the development of designs for devices that are meant to be manufactured.

Believe it or not, it is really similar to software development process. You have to think of User Experience - how users will interact with your product, how your product will interact with other products, what is your product’s functional and non-functional requirements and so on.

What is different in designing hardware from designing software is the difficulty of changes. It’s pretty simple in software - you gotta rewrite a code, but hardware? Changes mean creating new physical version of hardware which cost much higher. Luckily, our specialists have many years of experience in creating really accurate and precise hardware designs and prototypes.

Another thing that is different from soft - no real-time updates. Any operating system updates frequently while every new device (phone, laptop, tablet or desktop) release once a year or two. Think of that difference.

What is also different is testing and releasing hardware products. You have to make sure that your device will work over a long period of time and in different environmental conditions. As for shipping the product, it is sending it to local distributors or shops which is also way more difficult than uploading an app to a digital store.

Designing Electronics

Designing electronic systems starts with basic electronic development.

It has a lot in common with hardware development. Electronic designer has to think of what features the product will have, how users will interact with it, how much will it cost to develop such products and so on.

Let’s take a look at each stage of hardware and electronic hardware design.

Estimation stage. It all starts with gathering as much information as possible about the desired product. We get technical requirements from the customer with a defined primary function that the device must perform and define the budget of the project.

Preparation stage. After estimation stage we purchase all necessary components, as well as evaluation kits to produce prototype. We also develop test programs and measure technical parameters according to the list of technical characteristics and requirements.

Prototyping stage. The next step is creating a prototype for further tests. This stage include PCB design schematic, PCB design, software development and prototyping the product.

Hardware platform design stage. This one already sound familiar, right? The stage consist preparation of the hardware and software integrated solution and its modules for manufacturing - thermal modeling, 3D modeling, coordination with the requirements of a specific manufacturer, preparation of a package of design and software documentation.

Installation of electronic components - manual installation, installation on an automatic line, preparation of documentation for installation, BGA mounting, FLIP-Chip, CSP, QFP, SMD.

Embedded software development stage. On this stage of hardware and software development we create the software for your custom electronic products. It may be something simple or complex, depending on technical requirements. We also design tests for functional testing, production test software, user interfaces, mobile application - whatever your product needs.

Electronics rapid prototyping stage. Our specialists run components procurement process, printed circuit boards manufacturing and assembly, perform assembly of the custom made electronics, test the assembled device, solution prototype. As a result of this stage, the Customer is shipped working prototypes.

Testing stage. We run multiple tests of your product, implement changes and adjustments both to hardware and software.

Preparation of production stage. After all tests are done and we have a working prototype, the product is then mass produced. We also adapt the design and software documentation for a specific manufacturer and particular constraints of this or that manufacturer, test methods and procedures development or adjustment. We can also attach specialized test hardware solutions development and production if necessary.


So, if you need assistance in developing your product, Axonim would like to hear from you. We will take your idea and process it from early estimation stage to mass production. We pay attention to every small nuances in customer’s vision of the product and our mission and our goal is to take that exact vision and bring it to the world.

If you would like to know more about the world of hardware development and electronic design, sign up to Axonim blog for more articles and news.